How much does a normal 2 month old kitten sleep?

My kitten was bottle fed from 3 days on due to the mother abandoning her. She seems to be doing okay, but recently she has started sleeping much more than even a week ago and I’m concerned something is wrong with her. It could be overworry but, she has been more active than as of lately. She is very spoiled and loved and I want to make sure I’m not overlooking something. How long do normal 2 month old kitten sleep?

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    Answer by jennie9274
    little kittens sleep a lot during this time as they are growing tremendously. Around five months the kitten will be more active. I wouldn’t worry too much.


  1. Marie says

    tons, nearly at least half a day or more, then while they are awake they eat, and play a ton.

  2. Maryse Celeste says

    Cats, even adult ones, sleep up to 18 hours every day. So, expect your kitten to sleep a lot- this is a sign that she is healthly. Congratulations- you are a good pet parent. Meow!!! >o<

  3. Border Collie Luva says

    I have a two month old kitten named Ember, REALLY hyper, she sleeps about half the time I’m asleep at night but naps for a long time every day. It says in my kitten book cats spend 65% of their time sleeping :) 15% in a deep sleep, 50% in a light sleep

  4. Soul T says

    Don’t worry this life on the outside is all new and they require alot of sleep it seems that is all they do probably up to 20 hrs a day….Have you taken her to the vet for the initial check and de-worming????