My cats have a stuffy nose what should I do?

I have taken them to the vet and she put them on 3 different antibiotics over the course of 3-4 months. They got better, (only making snoring type noses occasionally) so we the vet stopped treatment. Now their as bad as ever, and we can’t
afford to keep them on antibiotics forever! Help!

BTW they have no other symptoms, coats are shiny, they are energetic, eat well etc

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Answer by Alex
Take it in the bathroom and run hot water so the steam will loosen it up.


  1. catresqlady says

    Are they indoors only? That can make a tremendous difference.

    Some cats just are chronic. I have one of those. Has your vet tried having you sprinkle Viralys on their food daily?

    Also, has the vet mentioned that you can put a drop of “Little Noses” saline pediatric nose spray in their nostrils. They won’t like it but if they are congested, it should help.

  2. liandera says

    I assume that if your vet was giving them antibiotics, he/she must have thought that it was something serious like a respiratory infection. But if it’s continuing and there are no other symptoms, it doesn’t sound like that’s the problem.

    If the antibiotics didn’t work, it doesn’t seem likely that the vet would try them again unless tests are proving that something is seriously wrong. If your vet wants to keep giving medication and has no good explanation for it, I would see a different vet. There is a chance that it could be the herpes virus, which cats can get easily (especially if they are outdoor cats and thus come into contact with other cats). This will crop up periodically in the form of small symptoms like runny eyes, sneezing, or stuffy noses. My cat gets runny, swollen eyes from as little as once a month to as often as once a week sometimes. You can get medication for it if it is really a problem, but only to ease the symptoms as it is not something that can be cured.

    Really, though, with something like a stuffy nose that isn’t super common for a cat, I would trust the vet. There could be something wrong that only medication will fix. Maybe ask them about the herpes virus and if they think that could be the case, or if it could be allergies.

  3. courtbort13 says

    put them in a room and with a steamer (not a scented one) is will clear up their synessess in a snap

    note: do not leave them alone in the room , they can burn themselves on the steamer

  4. Beauty Master 101 says

    probably has a cold or something try a different vet or go to a pet storeand ask what kind of medicine you should give it it’s cheaper than the antibiotics but works just as well

  5. justsueandthebabiesnow says

    you can try this with your cat,it sounds as though they have or had a cold,and nose are still bocked and congested like ours get.
    Steaming your cat can help clear the nasal passages and make the cat feel more comfortable. My cats have been having steams for years because they suffer from chronic post-viral rhinitis (“the snuffles”), and they love them. In the lounge, and then they can stay in their basket afterwards but still have some company. This is how we steam them:

    put cat in a secure carrying basket and lock it.

    Place a bowl of boiling water in front of the basket (where the cat can’t dip his/her paws in, naturally).

    Drape the whole lot with towels and leave for 15-20 mins (check regularly to ensure cat is not distressed).

    Do this three times a day while symptoms are present.

    Nasal Drops

    Saline nose drops may help if your cat is very congested. Your vet will tell you which ones are safe to use and how much to give. One American brand is Little Noses (1/8% phenylephrine), which is a decongestant nose drop for children. A commonly prescribed dosage for cats is one drop in each nostril twice a day. However, this brand now apparently has preservatives added, which would make it unsuitable for cats. You need drops containing only buffered sterile saline solution, and these should only be used for a maximum of three days, or they may cause a rebound effect.

  6. organbuilder272 says

    Something exists in your environment that is causing the cats to have this runny nose problem. Check with another vet and see what they say. A second opinion is the right way to go. If both agree then you know what the problem – and solution – is. Ask questions, get answers.