Why does my cats Tongue stick out of his mouth? – question

Hi, I was just wondering would it be possible to give me some advice or information about my cat. He constantly has some of his tongue poking out oh his mouth, could and will this effect him in anyway at all? If needed I could forward a picture, Thanks.

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    Answer by Robert J
    A lot of cats do that, it’s nothing to worry about.


  1. Super pockets says

    Cats sometimes stick their tongue out while they are sleeping. Your cat’s mouth may open slightly and his tongue may come out a little bit. Again, get your camera ready
    great photo opportunity! ;)
    You may need to be concerned if your cat’s mouth stays open all the time. If this is happening, your cat may have injured his mouth, and he may need to see a veterinarian to make sure that he is okay.

    However, most of the time there is nothing to worry about when your cat sticks out his tongue there just being silly ahaha :)

  2. Lisa Simpson says

    Hi SP. I notice this quite a bit with my one of my cats. Often, it’s when I disturb him to give him a stroke etc. while he is in the middle of washing himself. He freezes in position with his tongue out, and I reckon afterwards he just plain forgets to put his tongue back in his mouth as the main thought in his mind is “has she got any food…” And he will actually stay like that for a while until he yawns or carries on with the washing.

    It’s usually as simple as that – unless there is any other symptom, i.e. very bad smelling breath, apparent sensitivity when eating, etc. when you should take him to the vet to get his teeth etc. checked out.